Fusion - Recommended After Effects replacement.

As part of the DaVinci Resolve suite of tools Fusion offers a similar scope to After Effects, in a node based workflow (which might mean a bit of a learning curve).

Also consider

Another nodal compositing solution is Nuke. For a workflow more akin to After Effects there's HitFilm Pro.


Affinity Designer - Recommended Illustrator replacement.

Affinity Designer is a good replacement for Adobe Illustrator, being a feature rich vector drawing tool. For bitmap tracing you'll need an additional app. Vector Magic does a good job here.

Also consider

Inkscape while less polished offers bitmap tracing. Alongside Illustrator, CorelDraw is an industry standard.


Affinity Publisher - Recommended InDesign replacement.

Affinity Publisher should be your first choice when replacing InDesign. It's a polished application, which very much feels like an InDesign replacement.

Also consider

For a more established alternative with years under its belt, have a look at QuarkXPress. For simpler, single page layouts, Affinity Designer may meet your needs.


Darktable - Recommended Lightroom replacement.

Darktable is a virtual darkroom that offers a very similar workflow to Lightroom. Raw photo processing, for free.

Also consider

If it's the photo management side of Lightroom you want, digiKam is a popular tool. On the other hand for just the Raw processing Affinity Photo might be all you need.


Affinity Photo - Recommended Photoshop replacement.

Photoshop's core functionality can be found in Affinity Photo. If you're using Photoshop for something other than photo editing, you may want to look at other alternatives in this section.

Also consider

Other applications with similar feature sets are the browser based Photopea, and the open source photo editor Gimp.


DaVinci Resolve - Recommended Premiere Pro replacement.

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful and user-friendly multitrack video editor, comparable with Premiere Pro. Even with the free version there's little compromise.

Also consider

Other options tend to be platform specific. For Windows, Vegas is a popular option, while macOS has Final Cut Pro.


Penpot - Recommended XD replacement.

There are several applications that are of a similar maturity and feature set. While Figma stood out as the best for a while, Penpot is a similar open source alternative.

Also consider

InVision Studio is another popular alternative. All of these owe a lot to Sketch, which is another option if you're on a Mac.